Best Japanese Foundation: Unveiling the Secrets to Flawless Skin

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The Foundation is the basic part of cosmetics. With a foundation, it is possible to get a proper smooth surface. The Foundation is the liquid or powder makeup applied on the face to smooth the skin tone. It is called Foundation because it is the base of any makeup.

As for every building structure, it is necessary to have a strong foundation; in the same way, to get natural makeup for a long time, it is essential to have the best Foundation.

A good foundation gives a natural look and helps fade the skin’s flaws to get a perfect look.

Therefore, selecting a good reputed cosmetic industry is important when choosing a makeup foundation.

Regarding the best cosmetic industries, Japan is the #1 country for the best cosmetic manufacturing. Women in Japan enjoy high-quality makeup products.

These products provide maximum skin growth and a glowing look to the skin. Japanese cosmetic industries offer the best Japanese foundations, like all other famous makeup products in Japan.

Japanese Foundation is a multipurpose base that, along with providing a lightning glow to the skin, also removes acne signs and flaws and protects the skin from ultraviolet radiations of the sun.

These are free from parabens. Parabens are cancer-causing agents, and makeup products with parabens lead to skin cancer.

As there are a lot of the best cosmetic industries offering the best Foundation, not all products are suitable for our skin. You cannot use any random foundation for your face.

So before choosing the best Japanese Foundation, always concern yourself with experts. They will help you buy the best Foundation according to your skin tone. Here are some experts’ views on choosing the accurate and perfect Foundation.

5 Best Japanese Foundation Reviews In [current_year]

Product Name Product Price
Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Aqua Foundation(Premium Beuty)
Shiseido D-program Medical Liquid Foundation
KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid Foundation
RMK UV Liquid Foundation
CEZZANE UV Foundation

Following are the best Japanese foundations for Japanese beauties for smooth and lovely skin with a matte finish.

  1. Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Aqua Foundation
  2. Shiseido D-program Medical Liquid Foundation
  3. KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid Foundation
  4. RMK UV Liquid Foundation
  5. CEZZANE UV Foundation

Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Aqua Foundation:

Koh Gen Doh Maifanshi Aqua Foundation is the best and superior product of Koh Gen Doh that is expensive but provides high-quality products for an instant glow. 

This aqua foundation is the perfect base for every type of skin tone, with 12 different colors that give the perfect glow similar to every high-level salon. It brightens the dark skin tone, closes the pores, and gives a light look.


After using it, you will not feel heavy like other foundations. It gives a semi-matte finish and soothes the skin all day.

Signature film powder and light-diffusing minerals provide extra coverage, longevity, hydration, and radiance. They provide brightness to the skin and reduce the pores on the skin.

The sweat and oil-resistant foundation controls sebum production and keeps skin active and fresh all day. The SPF25 and PA++ protect skin from heat and provide perfect coverage in every season. But it is expensive and overrated.

Shiseido D-program Medical Liquid Foundation

Shiseido brand is the best one for providing high-quality products for sensitive skin. Its base makeup products use a D-program formula that soothes sensitive skin.


Shiseido D-program Medical Liquid Foundation is the best base of this brand that prevents scars and acne and gives face skin an extra glow.

This medicated foundation is the perfect choice for people having any skin issues. It provides a soft and smooth complexion to the skin. The SPF20 and PA++ give extra protection and a soothing effect to the skin.

It contains medicated ingredients such as H-stabilizing-A1, tranexamic acid, and glycyrrhizate that reduce inflammation and redness due to acne and balance the moisture in the skin.

It overcomes acne signs and marks without leaving any patch and gives a smooth and moist finish without fading.

Kate Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid Foundation

There are many Japanese best cosmetic industries for perfect bases, and among them, the Kate brand also facilitates the customer with the best foundation for every skin type.


KATE Secret Skin Maker Zero Liquid Foundation of Kate brand provides high coverage and a matte finish.

It has a rich texture but spreads over the skin perfectly. Its appropriate amount facilitates the skin with perfection and helps fade the signs of aging and acne.

The SPF 18 PA++ protects the skin from UV radiation, making it the best sunscreen. It does not make the skin cake and provides protection along with beauty. If you want a dewy look, it is not a good option, as it dries out the skin.

RMK UV Liquid Foundation

RMK UV Liquid Foundation is the best Japanese foundation for people who like a dewy look. It provides the perfect dewy look without any translucent effect.

This light weighted base with pretty thin consistency. It smoothly blends into the skin and gives a matte finish with a natural look. It provides sun protection due to SPF50 and PA++.



Furthermore, it acts as a sebum, is sweat resistant, and is perfect for use in summer. It provides the maximum moisturization and radiant look to the skin.

It does not provide full coverage and is not a good choice for blemishing acne and mark. Furthermore, it is easy to apply on the face.

Cezzane UV Foundation

Cezzane UV Foundation gives the lightest coverage to the skin and is waterproof. That is why it is a good choice for outdoor or water activities. Hyaluronic acid in it maintains the moisture level in the skin.


For the thick texture, you need to use it with a wet sponge. It has SPF23 and PA for UV protection and moisturizing formula for max hydration. It comes with shades of powder that mattify the skin and gives it a natural look.

Buyer’s Guide For Buying The Best Japanese Foundation

You cannot take risks for your skin care; any little mistake can destroy the texture of your skin instead of perfection.

For the foundation, three things matter coverage capacity, finish, and application, and they are judging based on these three points because a foundation with a matching color to your skin doesn’t mean it is perfect for you. Some other things are necessary to keep skin healthy with constant makeup use.


First, choose the foundation that matches your skin tone. If the color tone is not exactly to your skin tone, it will give your face two shades that look weird, and of course, you will not like that.

So before buying the foundation, perform a patch test. Apply foundation on the back of your hand and merge it with your skin. It will help you know whether the foundation is compatible with your skin.

The coverage matters a lot for hiding imperfections. Whether you like a heavy or medium foundation that can hide flaws and give you smooth skin is up to you.

Most Japanese companies come with warm or golden tones. People with pale, yellow, or neutral tones like cooler tones.


Some foundations come with a semi-matte finish, and some have a dewy finish. If you want to cover more blemishes, pores, and acne, then look for a foundation that has a creamy texture and gives a matte finish.

Type Of The Skin

Different kinds of skin include dry, oily, normal, acne, and sensitive skin. You can use a different foundation for every skin type.

The foundation you chose for dry skin should have hydrating agents for moisturization. For dry skin, choose a foundation having ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and botanical oil, as they are good for hydration.

Remember that it is good to have a long-lasting foundation, but it will also dehydrate your skin. So choose the foundation with moderate effect, which should stay intact along fine lines.

For oily skin, the foundation should have the ability to absorb the excess sebum, along with protecting the natural oil of your skin. This way, your makeup will stay long, and oil will not wash off your makeup.

Japanese companies prefer to dry out the inner skin; this way, when the skin becomes dry from the inner, it tries to compensate for the inner dryness by releasing fewer oils.

So the sebaceous glands produce less sebum, and sebum production remains under control. The ingredients should be able to combat with humid or water.

On the oily skin, the foundation should be lit as it oxidizes on the oily skin. Never use more than one shade for your skin.

Easy For Application

The foundation you choose must have ease of application. Never choose a liquid foundation with a thick texture and consistency; it does not blend too easily, and its use wastes time. For easy application, compact foundations are best.

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