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Skin care is the clumsy task for most of us because in the hassles of life it is not possible to manage a separate time for special treatment of your skin. For the glowing skin of the face, much attention is required.

A proper face treatment includes skin polishing, facial, cleansing, and scrubbing and many more. But all these processes in a parlor are time and money consuming. Sometimes in case of any urgent meeting or function it becomes hard to get proper treatment.

At this time you require something magical that saves your time and provides you instant glow. Face mask is the best product of the cosmetic industry that facilitates the user with extra glow and moisturizes the skin within minutes.

Now days due to pandemic situation everyone prefers to stay at home instead of visiting parlor or skin care center. So they prefer to use face sheet masks for restoring their dead skin cells.

In Japan, almost every person seems using a face sheet mask. From the past years, the Japanese face sheet masks have become popular among Japanese girls due to high-quality results and affordable prices.

Japanese cosmetic industry is already famous due to the best cosmetic products for women. They offer a lot of products for the skin care and beauty. That is why Japanese makeup products are well-known among Japan girls and in other countries also.

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Like all other products, face sheet masks have also become popular and sold a lot. We have reviewed the best Japanese face masks for your extra glowing skin so that you may not get worried about finding the best face masks.

Product NameProduct Price
Saborino Morning Face Mask
Mediheal Tea Tree Face Mask 
SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 
Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask 
Lululun Precious Face Mask 

Best Japanese Face Mask:

  1. Saborino Morning Face Mask
  2. Mediheal Tea Tree Face Mask
  3. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
  4. Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask
  5. Lululun Precious Face Mask
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Saborino Morning Face Mask:

Saborino Morning Face Mask is the best face mask that provides proper nourishment within 60 seconds of use. If you are a procrastinator or over sleeper and your skin is becoming dull because of it, then this face mask is surely for you.

best Japanese face masks

This face mask has honey, avocado extract, and hyaluronic acid that makes it the best hydrating agent. It provides skin proper moisturization, and hydration within one minute of use. It rejuvenates the dead skin cells.

The orange oil, grapefruit peel oil, and sodium hyaluronate wake up the skin with great benefits.

Mediheal Tea Tree Face Mask:

 Mediheal tea tree face mask is also the best Japanese face mask. It facilitates the dry skin with maximum hydration. This mini pack face mask is travel-friendly.

best Japanese face masks

You can use it during travelling to fend off the pesky travel breakouts. It contains tea tree infusion that provides the comfort to the irritating and dried skin.

 SK-II Facial Treatment Mask:

The other best Japanese face mask that improves the skin texture is SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. This award-winning face mask is soaked in SK-II signature that is yeast fermented extract called as pitera.


This ingredient makes it best moisturizing mask as it is rich in organic acids, mineral, vitamins, and amino acids. It promoted the cell renewal process and boosts the hydration level. It provides the smooth and good-looking effect to the skin.

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Furthermore, it is free from artificial color, smell, and cruelty and suitable for all skin types. But it contains parabens that means its long-term use is harmful for the skin.

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Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask:

Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask is ideal for reducing the signs of aging. It reduces the crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles and makes the dead cell of skin healthy and active. It perfectly adheres to the skin and provides it max coverage.


Not only that, but it only that, but it is made up of 100% cotton fiber drenched in a bottle of serum. It contains carbomer, water, hyaluronic acid and many more that rejuvenate the dead cells and make skin smooth and soft. This face mask boosts the hydration level and restores the skin firmness.

Lululun Precious Face Mask:

Lululun Precious Face Mask is also ideal face mask for aging skin. It is the best face mask of Japanese brand Lululun. All the masks of this brand are of high-quality and functional according to their work.


These masks are available into three categories for skin firmness, brightening and skin maintenance with blue, pink, and white names. These masks are rich in vitamins and balances high sebum level.

The moisturizing face mask provides long-lasting moisturization due to rice extract and ceramides. The brightening facemasks contain avocado, vitamin C, rose and apple extract for lightening the skin. It removes the sign of aging and makes skin young and fit.

How to Choose The Best Japanese Face Mask?

Whenever you go for the skin care treatment, your skin type matters a lot. If your skin is oily, you cannot go for products having moisture locking formula. The same is the case with the face masks.

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Type Of The Skin

You must know what type of skin you have and what type of the face mask will suit your skin. For the oily skin, you will need a face mask with essential ingredients to control the production of the sebum in the skin.

Never go for the face mask that delivers extra moisturization to the skin. It is not suitable for the oily skin. For the dry skin, choose the face mask that provides intensive moisturization to the skin. Be careful with choosing the face masks for sensitive skin as any irritant may cause acne, breakouts, or other skin problems.

Requirement Of Your Skin

The next important thing that requires attention is to know what your body needs. If you want to lighten the dark skin then choose the face mask with skin brightening ingredients.

Similarly, if you want to reduce the signs of aging on the skin such as fine line, dark circles, and other than buy the face mask with anti-aging ingredients. The Japanese face masks come in variety of ways according to body need and type.

Type Of Face Sheet Masks Fabric

The fabric of face sheet masks is of various types such as cotton of microfiber. Cotton face mask is usually soft and absorbs radially in the skin. Moreover, cotton face masks are less contaminated with harmful chemicals. Micro-fiber face masks are soft but thick then cotton face mask sheet. It is up to you whether you prefer thick sheet or thin one.

Check For Ingredients

Most of the people think brand name names that product is 1005 perfect, but it is not true in all cases. Before buying the product check ingredients used in that product because sometimes the ingredients of the product do not suit your skin and cause further issues.

For the dry skin, choose the mask sheet with ceramides and hyaluronic acid as such skin requires more hydration and moisturization. For the sensitive and anti-aging skin, choose the mask sheet with calming and relieving ingredients.

Before buying face mask sheets always check reviews and read people experience about that product.

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