Best Japanese Eye Drops

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Japan has made a lot of progress in beauty products and medicines. Japanese medicines are the best because of their unique formulation. For the foreigners and visitors in the Japanese market, there is a lot of good for health.

Now Japanese medicines are also famous all over the world as they are formulated with innovative techniques that make them more useful with less risky effects. When it comes to finding the best eye drops, then with no doubt my first choice will be the product from Japan.

The Japanese eye drops not only relieve the pain but also provide the lubrication to the eyes and prevent blue light inside the eyes from damaging. When we use contact lenses, sometimes the lenses damage our eye pupil.

The Japanese eye drops provide relief in all such situations. Moreover, due to modern technology, people spend a lot of time in front of mobile screens and computer screens. This technology although facilitates the users with a lot of information and has become a source of income in various ways, but long-term use of screens affects the health and eyes.

So for the comfort of your eyes you can use the Japanese eye drops. These eye drops provide hydration to the eyelids and prevent it from drying, swelling, tight feeling and any distress. There are different types of the Japanese eye drops according to the disease or problem you are facing.

So for the best Japanese eye drop, first concern yourself with your eye specialist and then buy the one he recommends to you. We have reviewed the best Japanese eye drops with their qualities.

Best Japanese Eye Drops

Following are the best Japanese eye drops that you can easily purchase from any Japanese drugstore or can buy on Amazon if you live in other countries.

  1. Santen Soft Santear
  2. ROHTO Lycee b
  3. Sante PC
  4. Sante Beaut eye Moon Care
  5. LION Smile 40 Premium

Santen Soft Santear

Santen Soft Santear is the best Japanese eye drop. These eye drops are also termed as artificial tears. They look and work like that natural tear and improve the performance of the eyes. It is the perfect liquid for tired and swollen eyes.

Best Japanese Eye Drops

To relieve the eyes that have deficiency of tears, sensation of the foreign bodies and dried eyes, there is no better option than Santen Soft Santear. It is the perfect choice for eyes tired of watching screens or affected by air-conditioning.

It is easy to use for every type of lens eye such as soft, hard, disposable or O2. You can use it for eyes wearing contact lenses. It is mostly used as tear fluid for dry eyes, and to increase the eye mucus. It is better to use 2 to 3 drops at a time and 5 times daily for effective results.


Rohto is the best Japanese pharmaceutical company that offers the best eye drops for every type of eye. It facilitates the customers with high-quality eye drops for allergic, tired and lens eyes.

ROHTO Lycee B is the best Japanese eye drop that relieves the eyes from pain and gives crystal clear vision. It is ideal for removal of any eye disease such as hyperemia and provides sharp eyesight to the user.

Best Japanese Eye Drops

It contains the super-active ingredients such as sodium chondroitin sulfate, vitamin B12, and zinc sulfate. All the ingredients are important for the health of inner eyes. The vitamin B12 provides the proper nourishment to the eyes cells and helps them to grow in case of any damage.

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Sodium chondroitin sulfate provides a soothing effect to the tired eyes and protects the cornea from dirt and dust. Zinc sulfate helps to reduce inflammation of the eyes caused by UV rays. You can use it for eyes having contact lenses for clear vision.

But if you want the Rohto Lycee b for contact lens, always check the word contact lens written on the bottle. As these eye drops come for both original eyes and contact lenses.

Sante PC

For the relief and protection of the eyes, Sante PC is the best product of the Japanese. It protects the eyes from the dust, grimes, and blue light exposure and enhances the vision.

It contains active ingredients including Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), Neostigmine methyl sulfate, Taurine, Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, Chlorpheniramine maleate, vitamin B6 and Tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride.

top rated Japanese Eye Drops

The vitamin B6 activates the tissue metabolism and helps in fast recovery in case of any damage or disease. The methanol reduces the eye fatigue and gives eyes a fresh look and vision.

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The 1-3 drops of this eye drop are enough in one dose. But its excessive dosage can lead to eye redness. Use this product very carefully and avoid touching it with eyelids to protect it from contamination.

Sante BeautEye Moon Care

Sante Beauteye Moon Care is also the best eye drop of the Japanese pharmaceutical company. This eye care product enhances the eye’s natural ability to store moisture. It prevents eyes from drying.


It is said that decrease in the eye lubrication or moisture leads to many eye diseases. They are specific for night use, as overnight treatment helps to boost the repairing metabolism of the eyes. These eye drops are ideal for use in all types of eye diseases for getting relief and comfort.

It contains potassium L-aspartate, panthenol, sodium chondroitin sulfate, vitamin E and many more that provides maximum turnover to eyes, moisturization, blood flow, and shining to the eyes.

Lion Smile 40 Premium

Lion Smile 40 premium are also the best eye drops for keeping the eyes healthy and fit. These drops are effective ophthalmic remedies for removing eyes fatigue and itchiness that may be caused due to aging.


This eye drop is rich in absorbable vitamin A that facilitates the eyes with clear vision and fitness. These drops improve the eye metabolism and alleviate the redness of the eyes.

The ingredients such as chlorpheniramine maleate and tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride provide comfort to the tired and overworked eyes.

Frequently Asks The Questions:

Can Eye Drops Damage The Eyes?

Yes, the over dosage of the eye drops can harm the eyes. Therefore, before use, always concern your doctor.

What Are The Best Japanese Eye Drops For Dry Eyes?

The eye drops having oil and rosacea are good for dry eyes.

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