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For healthy growth of skin of beauties, collagen plays an important role. Our skin collagen keeps us young and active. When we grow old, our collagen becomes weak and skin becomes dull due to less elasticity.

To make the skin of the face and other body parts young and active, many Japanese companies offer collagen supplements that keep the skin juvenile and lower the skin aging process.

You can take collagen from different food items that are rich in collagen. In Japan, women prefer both ways for shiny and glowing skin.

Japan is well-known for skin beauty products, and Japanese women love to keep themselves healthy and fit through different beauty products. So they are crazy for skin beauty products for their active skin.

Therefore, they like to use products having collagen and eat the collagen daily. There are a lot of foods that are rich in collagen such as chick skin, shark fin and pig’s trotters.

These foods are more common in winter to prevent skin from dryness. Moreover, you can get in the form of powder, liquid, and tablets.

What is collagen?

Collagen is the fibrous protein present in our skin, corneas, bones, ligaments, and muscles. This protein makes about 30% of the body and is important to keep the body healthy and fit.

This highly dense packet of fibrous protein is also present in teeth, tissues, tendons, and connective tissues.

They give structure to the skin and other body parts. In the elastic cartilage, this collagen protein provides a cushioning effect to the joints.

It is also found in the layers of the skin. But with the passage of time, the collagen becomes weak and starts to reduce.

Due to this, skin loses its elasticity and fine lines start to appear on the skin. Similarly, the joints start collapsing and result in different joint diseases.

Basically, collagen is formed by combining two amino acids proline and glycine along with usage of vitamin C.

So for production of collagen you need to take food and use products having proline, glycine and vitamin C.

Best Japanese Collagen

Here are some best Japanese skin care products that facilitate the skin with the best Japanese collagen for anti-aging effect.

  1. DHC Collagen Cream
  2. Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen
  3. Meiji Amino Collagen
  4. Hada Labo Collagen Cream
  5. Shiseido The Collagen

DHC Collagen Cream:

As we have discussed, to boost the collagen level in your body, you can intake collagen in different ways and can use skincare products having collagen or source of collagen. DHC collagen tablets and cream both are good sources for improving the skin hydration level.


DHC collagen cream is rich in vitamin C that brightens the skin and provides maximum elasticity and flexibility to the skin. This anti aging cream tightens the skin, removes dead skin cells from the skin and slows down the aging process. It is free from radicals, parabens, and sulfate.

It is formulated with dipeptide 8 that provides micronized collagen to the skin and makes it smooth and brightens the complexion. But some people claim rashes on hands due to it.

Asahi Perfect Asta Collagen

Asahi Perfect Asta collagen powder is rich in collagen and contains 5500 mg of the collagen, a mixer of low molecular weight compound collagen and high absorption collagen.


This anti aging powder makes the collagen of the skin strong and reduces the fine lines of the skin. Its formulation contains the best beauty producing ingredients such as beauty body lactic acid bacteria, elastin, vitamin C, CoQ10, Glucosamine, hyaluronic acid and many more.

These ingredients improve the skin tone and texture. You can take it by mixing with food, dishes, and drinks.

Meiji Amino Collagen

Meiji is a well-known brand for chocolates and health supplements. It also offers the best collagen supplements and powder for skin beauty. Along with a rich content of collagen, it also contains glucosamine, hydrolyzed fish collagen, vitamin C and arginine that make skin healthy and vibrant.


You can add this powder in drinks, beverages or shakes without destroying their flavors.  As the collagen derived from fish has low molecular weight therefore, all other ingredients combine it firmly and provide a good effect on the skin.

Hada Labo Collagen Cream:

Hada Labo Collagen Cream is the best collagen cream in Japan for women to enhance their skin beauty. This Japanese beauty cream has both anti-aging and moisturizing properties. It provides maximum hydration and improves the skin structure, texture, and appearance.


Hada Labo is the well-known brand of Japan that comes with the best skin products. Hada Labo Collagen Cream is also the best one with hyaluronic acid in it. It reduces the fine lines, dullness of the skin and makes it young, active, and fresh as well.

It acts as skin plumber along with 24 hours moisturizer and provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect in between the layers of the skin. Not only that, but it has fast absorbing power and also prevents the skin from harmful rays and acts as non-comedogenic cream.

You can use this cream after anti-aging cream also. It is free from parabens, sulfates, and all harmful chemicals. But it contains methylisothiazolinone preservative that is dangerous and banned in some countries.

Shiseido The Collagen

The other best collagen for Japanese beauties is Shiseido collagen. Shiseido company offers the best collagen tablets and powder to enhance the beauty of the skin. It is the best one and tests for improved and glowing skin.


You can consume powder form with your favorite food. It is formed of 5000mg of collagen, 600mg of ceramide and 1mg of hyaluronic acid. Along with improving the health of the skin, this product also makes the hair strong and healthy.

Things That Damage Body Collagen

There are certain things that damage the natural body collagen and lead to earlier aging. So it is necessary to avoid these bad habits such as

  • Taking too much sugar
  • Sun exposure
  • Smoking

Along with all these, there is also an autoimmune disorder called lupus that also destroys the collagen production in the skin.

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