Best Hot Water Pressure Washer

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Are you searching for a better option for cleaning your heavy vehicles, lawn equipment and furniture?

Then be pleased as we are here with the best hot water pressure washers that will provide thorough cleaning for all greasy and non-greasy equipment and all type of vehicles also.

A pressure washer quickly cleans the area and sprays off the sliding, car, wooden deck, and concrete surfaces.

They do work better than brush and soapy water. The water pressure washers are of two types: hot water pressure washers and cold water pressure washers.

But if you want to clean greasy places, engines, automobile parts, or anything stuck in oil or grease, then a hot water pressure washer is the best option than a cold water pressure washer.

In this article, you will find the best hot water pressure washer.

A cold pressure washer cannot cut the stains of oil. The hot water pressure washer is better than the cold water pressure washer because it works on the laws of thermodynamics, and kinetic energy in hot water is more than easily dislodged from the dirt particles from the surface.

While cold water is not as fast for cleaning the dirt as hot water, the hot water molecules, due to high temperature, have more kinetic energy to remove the weak molecules of the oil or grease from the surface.

Moreover, the heat also increases the internal energy of the water molecules, which is less than kinetic energy. Still, combining it with K.E. energy makes the water molecules strong & improves its ability to remove the stubborn particles.

The hot water pressure washer is not like the steam pressure washer. The water in it is heated at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. They make work quick and allow the cleaning of large areas within minutes.

While using a hot water pressure washer, you do not need any detergent or anything like this. It is a useful and effective cleaning tool for everyone, from tillers to livestock trailers.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer

There is a lot of variety of hot water pressure washers in the market, so it becomes tough for the customer to find out the best one.

Here are the best hot water pressure washers to clean any grassy area or oil-stuck area without any problem.

  1. Simpson mb1518 fired hot water pressure washer
  2. Northstar trailer-mounted hot water commercial pressure washer
  3. Simpson kb3028
  4. Shark stp-352007a
  5. AR Annovi Reverberi AR630

Simpson MB1518 Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer

Simpson MB1518 Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer is the best option for those who want to get a unique and smart machine at a reasonable price. It is empowered by gas and has 120 volts heavy-duty motor system.

You can easily plug it into any outlet i.e. prolong or grounded. The induction motor has an automatic total stop system that controls pressure when you release the trigger.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer

The industrial triplet pump has the capacity to produce 1700 PSI and can use 1.8GPM hot water. The large-extra fuel tank makes it able for longer cleaning. It has the ability to raise the temperature of the water up to 100 degrees.

Furthermore, It provides complete safety with a high-temperature limit switch and an overpressure release valve.

It has a sleek design with a 48-inch spray gun and 5- quick nozzle tips for fluent water flow at different angles.

It controls the maximum water flow for cleaning stubborn stains. If you want to add any soap or detergent for cleaning then it also has an inclined chemical injection system for this purpose.

The other unique features of the machine are having 25-foot steel braided hose and a 35-foot powered cord.

The steel frame has a powdered coat that protects it from corrosion and enhances its lifetime. It is light in weight than other models and has big tires.

But if you have the full tank filled with fuel then it will be tough to move it. It leaks out with full fuel and also has flimsy screws.

NorthStar Trailer-Mounted Hot Water Commercial Pressure Washer

NorthStar Trailer-Mounted Hot Water Pressure Washer is the best one for commercial use. It has a large capacity and more power which is why it is perfect for farming operations.

It has 4- GMP engine power and provides a pressure of about 4000 PSI. The water tank has a capacity of about 200 gallons while the fuel capacity is about 4 gallons.

Hot Water Pressure Washer

For quick service and high-quality performance, it is equipped with a 20.8 HP Honda for high-power delivery.

You can easily use it for the areas where there is no access to running water and electricity. It is best for greater efficiency and work. You can use it to wash large machines in commercial areas.

It is perfect with a 150ft hose that can reach narrow areas easily. It can raise the temperature of the water to about 210F degrees.

Simpson KB3028 Hot Water Pressure Washer

Simpson offers great versatility for pressure washers in the market. This hot water pressure washer is the best hot water pressure washer in its production.

It is ideal for cleaning both in residential areas and on a commercial scale. The machine is of high quality and is durable. The machinery comes with 2 years warranty and the frame comes with 10 year warranty.

The thermostat in it controls the temperature of the water. It also has the ability to adjust the pressure of the water. The heavy-duty frame and 13-inch tires make it portable and easy to move.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer

The steel braided armour hose is more abrasion resistant and can handle up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The heavy-duty and powerful Briggs and Stratton Intek 1100 series engine makes it more adorable for use and ensures constant flow at high pressure.

It cleans oily and dirty surfaces with a maximum pressure of 3000 PSI at a flow rate of 2.8 gallons per minute.

In a single package, you will get a triplex plunger pump, a steel hose with quick-connect fittings with quick-connect nozzle tips, and a manual guidebook. The battery is not included in the package you have to buy it separately.

Shark STP-352007A Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer

Shark STP-352007A Electric Hot Water Pressure Washer is perfect to get rid of stains of diesel in the environment. It is also ideal for those stains that require power for removal.

It is a more powerful washer than all gas-powered pressure washers. Furthermore, It has direct drive technology and 4 wheel cart design. It works with 2000 PSI at 3.5 GPM water flow.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer

It is powerful and durable with sturdy stainless-steel construction. Industrial-grade motor, flat-free tires and ½ schedule 8 heating coil make it more unique in its performance.

All components of this machine are certified by UL and CSA safety standards.

AR Annovi Reverberi AR630 Hot Pressure Washer

AR Annovi Reverberi AR630 Hot Pressure Washer is the high-built product of AR Annovi Reverberi Company. It contains a sensor called a total stop system that checks the flow of the water through the pump.

When you release the trigger it will automatically shut the water flow. It is durable and can last for decades.

Furthermore, It can handle up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also use it for cold water without any internal issues.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer

You can also adjust the water pressure according to your requirement. AR Annovi Reverberi AR630 is made up of brass and is about 29 pounds in weight. It gives 2.1GPM of water at 1900 PSI.

It comes in an affordable range and is strong enough for domestic purposes at 3900CP. But this water pressure does not have a boiler for heating the water, you need to put hot water in it.

Best Hot Water Pressure Washer Buyer’s Guide

Before buying the best hot water pressure washer keep in mind the following tips. They will help you in investing in useful products.

Heating system

When you go for buying a hot water pressure washer it is important to pay heed attention to its heating system. A heating system consists of a boiler and fuel tank for providing heat to warm the water in the tank.

Regular-sized water pressure can warm water for constantly 3-4 or more hours. Most of the models can heat up the water to about 200 Fahrenheit degrees. The boiler has to work hard for providing hot water for a short time there for the boiler should be durable.

While there is also a certain model that comes with dual feature and dials that controls the output water temperature. It is better to choose a boiler made up of sturdy stainless-steel material and vertical or horizontal in shape.

Usually, the burner heats up the coil and when water passes through the coil it gets heat. The selection of the coil depends upon your requirement while most of the models have scheduled 80 coil.

The coil should have thick walls to improve its longevity. To warm the water burner fuel tank is required. The gas pressure washer usually has two types of fuel tanks: one for the motor and the other for the boiler burner.

There are different types of fuel common for heating up the water such as natural gas, diesel, and kerosene but make sure of using the fuel that is recommended for your selected burner fuel tank.

It is better to choose a large tank so that you may not need to fill it frequently during work. Mostly 4 to 10 gallons tank is common for hot water pressure washers.

Construction Frame

Hot water pressure washers should be strong and durable enough. It is better to choose a machine having sturdy metal, aluminum, or steel. Do not neglect the small defects in the frame as they will lead to big havoc for you and destroy the whole unit.

Choose a machine with thick and air-filled wheels. Pneumatic wheels are a better choice as they have the ability to bear more weight and protect the other parts of the pressure washer.

As you have to turn it back and forth then it is better to choose the machine with double sets of wheels. The two sets of wheels protect the machine from tilting and reduce the chance of leakage.

Water Pressure Output

For a good water pressure washer it is necessary to look at the PSI and GMP. PSI stands for pounds per square inch and describes the force at which water produces in the pump.

GPM stands for gallons per minute and describes the speed at which water flows out of the pump. The GMP and PSI values should be high for fast cleaning.

Water Temperature

Choose the pressure washer that has a quality to warm the washer at a maximum high temperature. The hotter water makes cleaning easier and more accurate.

Frequently Asks Questions

What is best for cleaning hot water or cold-water pressure washer?

To lift the stubborn stains of oil and grease hot water pressure is the best choice.

How pressure is created in a hot water pressure washer?

It is not the pump but the constriction nozzle that creates and adjusts the water pressure in a pressure washer.

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