5 Best Hand Saw For Cutting Trees Review & Buying Guide

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Even though cutting trees is not a good habit & is dangerous for the environment, cutting is for growth, trimming, and pruning are good for the health of plants. Cutting down dead trees is very useful for human beings. For carpenters, it is a profession to cut down trees. 

For this purpose, two types of tools, hand and chain saws, are uncouth. People like to work with a chainsaw, but it isn’t quiet. This saw is perfect for large trees. For small and medium-sized trees hand saw is a suitable tool. Here are some best hand saws that you use for cutting trees.

There are different kinds of tools for distinct purposes. Hand saws are for cutting trees into small pieces. The hand saw can cut and trim the 4-inch branch of the tree easily. Trimming and pruning of the trees are essential as if you do not do them, it may harm any person in case of a storm or if a plant dies if it may fall on someone. 

To avoid any unexpected event. It is good to trim trees regularly. A hand saw is the best option for this. Moreover, it will keep you away from disturbing neighbors and people passing nearby.

Best Tips For Buying A Good Hand Saw

The guidelines will help you purchase the best hand saw for carpenters and wood hand workers.


A handsaw is used to cut heavy and hardwood. Therefore, it should be durable and of high quality. Steel is only sometimes a good choice for a hand saw. But it depends on the type of work that what kind of steel would be best. You can choose a hand saw with hard steel for hard work, such as cutting off a dead plant.

You can take a saw of soft steel for cutting branches and trimming. But it should be sharp, durable, and within your affordable range. Tubular steel is also a good choice for it as it is durable and light in weight.


If you want a hand saw for cutting trees, the hand saw with blades of about 20- inches is enough. For the trimmer of branches, you can buy a hand saw of 16 inches.


Try to buy a hand saw that must not tire your muscles. Therefore, you should go for the hand saw with an ergonomic design. A well-built construction with a non-slip grip provides efficiency in the work. It will improve performance and keep you safe from cuts.

 Blade’s Quality

The quality of the work is up to the performance of your blades. If the hand saw has sharp edges, it will help cut trees quickly. The fragile blade will affect working and also cause fatigue and muscle tiredness. Furthermore, you must use strong edges for hardwood. The hardened blades are perfect for tension adjustment and cutting rigid trees. Such brinks retain sharpness and incredibility.

Tension Adjuster

A hand saw that has a feature to adjust the tension is much more suitable for you. This feature makes the hand saw able to lower blade tension.

Blade Change Efficiency

If your hand saw has blade change efficiency, it will allow you to change the blades whenever blades fail to work efficiently. This quality will save you precious time, and you can return to cutting trees without wasting time.


The handle of the hand saw should be durable and non-slippery. The hand saw must have a good grip, knuckle guard, and protective sheath for safety. A biomaterial handle is safer and more comfortable to use. Along with excellent control, the handle should have finger space for convenient working.

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Teeth per inch or TPI is the best feature of the hand saw that tells us what type of materials a hand saw can handle. If the hand saw has prominent teeth, it will cut fast but not neat. The hand saw with smaller teeth will cut slowly but neatly & cleanly. The hand saw should have 20 to 80 TPI blades for rigid material. While for the soft matter, a hand saw with 2 to 8 TPI is good.

 Best Hand Saw for Cutting Trees

The best hand saw for cutting trees are

  1.  CORONA RS 7510D Razor Tooth Trimming Saw
  2. EVERSAW Folding Hand Saw
  3. Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw
  4. Bahco Bow Hand Saw
  5. Electric Power Black + Decker Hand Saw

Corona Rs 7510d Razor Tooth Trimming Saw


Corona is an American brand famous for high-quality shearing, trimming, and cutting tools. These tools are fast and sharp.

The products are best for craftsmanship and utility. CORONA RS 7510D razor Tooth trimming saw is also one of the best products.

This hand saw is the best garden tool to trim and cut small branches of trees. The 18-inch-long blade is sharp and reliable for cutting branches up to 10- inches in diameter.

But it could be more convenient to use in narrow spaces. It facilitates the smooth cutting of trees with one curved side and three keen sides.

The manufacturer claims these hand saws have peculiar impulse sharpening and chrome plating, so they do not need blade replacement and can prolong for a long duration.

The blades have six teeth for every inch. The handle is durable and ergonomic, reducing blister and providing comfort in handling. It is light that why you can do work easily with muscle fatigue.

EVERSAW Folding Hand Saw:


EVERSAW folded hand saw is the best hand saw for cutting tree limbs. This saw is perfect for every cut. EVERSAW Company is the best one for manufacturing hand saws with good performance. This hand saw is suitable for cutting both trees and bones.

The blades of the EVERSAW folded hand saw are 8″ and sharp in working. It has multi-purpose features that help cut large branches, trimming & pruning the trees. The teeth of this hand saw are keen and durable. Although it has an ergonomic design handle of this hand could be more convenient. It may cause muscle tiredness soon after handling. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

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Truper 30255 Steel Handle Bow Saw


Truper 30255 steel hand saw is the best hand product of Truper Company of Mexico. It is famous for high-quality and efficient hand tools with advanced technology. It is an excellent hand tool for professionals and beginners.

This hand saw has unique features, including a well-built and sturdy frame. Its tension system facilitates the user with the best cuttings of trees and limbs.

Truper 30255 has a high-quality knuckle guard and hand that protect it during cutting. This hand saw is light, so you can work hours without any fatigue issues.

The strong blades are perfect for cutting Greenwood. The bowed handle gives it a classy look. It has high-quality material, which is why it is ideal for dry wood and trimming tree branches.

Bahco Bow Hand Saw


Bahco bow hand saw is the product of the well-renowned company Bahco. This company has been working for 130 years and mainly focuses on manufacturing top-notch products. These products are privileged for history and performance and have an innovative standard for cutting.

The Bahco bow hand saw is the best due to its top-notch quality and sturdy steel frame for cutting trees and wood. The blades are sharp and strong as swift army knives and require no replacement and sharpness throughout life.

The ergonomic design and orange painting over it make it rust-free and adorable to use. The advanced tension lever makes it perfect and comfortable to handle. It has a firm and reliable grip. The hardened 36 inches blades are ideal for cutting all types of trees.

Electric Power Black + Decker Hand Saw


The other hand saw in our top picks is the Electric power black + Decker hand saw. It is the best and makes work easy due to the firm 4600 SPM motor. You can use it for cutting logs and wood, also. It has a 6-foot cord that provides excellent proficiency for cutting trees.

The sharp edges are perfect for cutting soft and hard materials, including cards and wood. The hand saw is durable and comfortable to use.

It is easy to handle and manage. It is perfect for professionals, hobbyists, & novices for cutting, trimming, and pruning trees.

Furthermore, it has a storage bag for safely storing the hand saw. Its power source is electricity which makes it an ideal choice for use. But it is short-lasting. You cannot use it in case of power-off. It facilitates excess productivity in a short period.


Can I Use A Hand Saw For Cutting Dead Branches?

Yes. A hand saw is for trimming, pruning (cutting off dead branches), and cutting Greenwood. But different Hand saws are available in the market for every cutting.

What Quality Does Make A Saw Perfect For Cutting Trees?

High-quality material, sharp blades, and lightweight make a hand saw best for cutting trees.

Is A Single-Hand Saw Suitable For All Types Of Cuttings?

No. Only the multi-purpose saw can do all types of cutting, including pruning and trimming. In the market for a specific function, a  peculiar tool is available. 

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