Best Hair Removal Device For Dark Skin

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It is an understood fact that girls can’t survive without the hair removal process. Removal of facial hair grooms their personality in the best way.

Removal of hair, either facial or, the body provides a charming effect. There are many trending processes for hair removal, including threading, waxing, electrolysis, laser, etc.

But some are painful, and most of them are not very effective. Today we will discuss the best hair removal process for dark skin. 

Each method is not suitable for all skin. For the best and perfect skin, you need a permanent hair removal treatment. Some skin treatments suit white skin & some are dark.

The selection of the process depends upon the type of skin. Laser treatment is the best process for hair removal for dark skin. It is less painful than all others.

Decades ago, this method was not preferable for dark skin. There was a risk as the laser can’t differentiate between the hair follicle and melanin or pores in dark skin. They can burn the skin.

But now a day laser is one of the best processes for permanent hair removal. Modern laser treatment is according to the skin tone, and it is much safer than others.

What is Laser Treatment For Hair Removal & How Does It Work?

It is a permanent hair removal treatment. It uses a light beam known as a laser for body hair removal.  The melanin in the skin absorbs the light of the laser.

Then this light energy is converted into heat. It damages the hair follicles and further stops the production of hair.

In the initial stage, it doesn’t give a permanent result, and it requires two or more sittings depending upon the type of hair. This process is useful for both light and dark skin.

Where Can You Do It?

You can use this process to remove the hair from the legs, bikini line, upper lips, chin, armpit, and face. But you can’t use this process on eyelids and sensitive areas surrounding them. Moreover, the skin having a tattoo is also not suitable for laser treatment.

For dark skin, advanced and modern laser treatment is preferable. It can protect the melanin from damage.

Factors That Affect While Choosing Laser Treatment:

The success of the process depends upon these two factors. The laser light only damages the hair follicles, so it should not affect skin pigments.

Therefore, there should be a contrast between dark hair and light skin. Laser treatment is the best option for those having this combination.

A litter contrast between hair color and skin tone may cause damage to the skin. But modern laser treatment has become a good option for people with darker skin.

Moreover, this treatment is not beneficial for hair that doesn’t absorb light, including red, white, gray, and blond hair color. You can develop dark hair before using this process.

How Laser is Suitable For Dark skin:

There is a little contrast between hair color and skin color. It was not easy to manage the laser hair removal system for dark skin. But modern lasers have an adjustable wavelength that makes them a suitable choice for dark skin.

It minimizes the risk of skin damage and absorption of light by surrounding areas. Fitzpatrick’s scale helps a lot in determining the type of skin tone. It also determines what should be wavelength of the laser beam is suitable for darker skin.

In most cases, for dark skin, a longer wavelength is required as the laser with a longer wavelength directly targets the hair follicles and does not affect the skin pigments. The laser system works in the same way as it does for light skin tones. 

Risk of side effects for dark skin:

Every process has side effects also. The best treatment is the one with minimum side effects;

  • This process has only two main side effects that can minimize by using safety measures.
  • After taking the treatment, some rashes, redness, temporary discomfort, and swelling can occur for hours.
  • After treatment, it is a must to avoid heat or sun exposure. Otherwise, the skin pigment may get lighter or darker temporarily or permanently. 
  • Your skin may burst, blister or other changes may occur. So before going to proper treatment, always take a patch test and wait for 1-2 days for its side effects. 
  • Additionally, keep in mind that it is not suitable for the eye and surrounding areas. 

How do you get to prepare for this process?

It is necessary to choose a dermatologist or doctor with a broad certificate and proper education in this treatment.

Always check if the instruments are clean and septic or not. If you are taking this process in the salon or by a nurse, make sure they have certification or permission, and a supervisor is also there during treatment. 

  • You should review the benefits and side effects of the laser treatment process.  
  • Discuss your medical history and issues and then go for it after a proper recommendation.

Safety measures:

After the treatment, always concern your doctor for precautions. Moreover, by taking the following precautionary measures, you can minimize the risk and prolong the benefits.

  1. Avoid blood-thinning antiseptics. Always use only those medicines that have a doctor’s recommendation.
  2. Avoid direct sun exposure and use SPF 30 sunscreen when going outside. 
  3. Keep your skin away from bleach creams and sunless creams. Use those doctors-recommended creams.
  4. Avoid shaving and trimming after laser treatment, and don’t use other hair removal methods. 
  5. These will keep your dark skin young, active and smooth.

How many sittings will you require?

You can expect two to six treatments till the complete or permanent removal of hair. The interval depends upon the growth of hair and location. On the upper parts of the margin, hair’s growth is fast.

Hair might take 4-8 weeks for repetition. In the other areas, the growth rate is usually slow. It might take 12-14 weeks for treatment. During treatment, ear goggles protect your eyes from damage. The doctor should use anesthesia for the skin to avoid discomfort during the process. 


During the process, the doctor passes a laser device with a cooling gel at the tip. This gel lessens the side effects. After activation, a beam of light passes through a laser device that targets the hair follicles and eliminates them from the end.

You may feel discomfort, or a pumpkin may appear. But it is not permanent. After treatment, you can use ice cubes for redness. For immediate reaction, you can use the steroid cream.

Best lasers for dark skin:

You can use Silk’n Infinity, ILuminage Precise touch, intense pulsed light IPL & Braun Pro 3 IPL. These are among the best devices for dark skin laser treatment. 

Silk’n Infinity:

Best hair removal system for dark skin

Silk’n Infinity uses pulses of light to remove the hair permanently without any stubble, irritation, and ingrown hair issue. It provides smooth skin, and you can use it at home also.   

IIuminage Precise touch:

It uses electromagnetic waves, IPL, and radiofrequency to deactivate the hair follicles. It delivers 94% permanent hair removal with 7 sittings.

Braun Pro 3 IPL:

Best hair removal device for dark skin

Braun Pro 3 IPL is the best laser device for medium to dark skin. It uses fewer intensities such as IPL for permanent hair removal from the face and body.        

Frequently Asked Questions for Best Lasers device for dark skin:

Can you do this Process at Home?

Yes, you can do that. But doing home will not be as safe as in a doctor’s clinic. You cannot get scrutiny and safety to that level at home. 

Which is the Best Process Rather Than Laser Treatment?

If you don’t like to have laser hair removal treatment. You can go for electrolysis for hair removal. It is an advanced treatment.

What is the Best Safety Laser for Dark Skin?

There are many best lasers for dark skin, but ND: YAG is the best one among all.

What Should be the Length of Hair for the Laser Hair Removal Process?

For the laser hair removal process, the hair’s length should be about 1-2mm.

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