Best Hair Dryer For African American Natural Hair

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Every person has their personality. The traits of people of one country or nation are different from the other one.

Similarly, the hair, faces, and features of African Americans are different from those of other Americans.

Nature has made every person beautiful and unique. People from different regions have different types of hair.

African Americans have curly natural hair. Therefore, special hairdryers are present in the market. In this article, we will discuss the best hair dryer for African American natural hair.

African American natural hairs are not easy to deal with these. For the natural hair of African Americans, you need special care and attention in choosing the right product.

Hairdryers or air blowers are common these days for the maintenance and treatment of hair. For African American natural hair, there are many specific hair dryers in the market. But due to tough competition, it is not easy to select the best one.

The next problem is heat damage. If the dryers become hot, it leads to hair damage due to excess heat. African hairs are delicate, soft, and pretty, So for them, the product you choose for drying should be according to the hair requirement. It will protect the natural beauty of your hair without damaging them.

Guidelines to Maintain The Health of Hair

Along with styling, the health of the hair is also necessary. Therefore, keep the following guidelines in mind while using a hairdryer for the health of black hair.

Proper Conditioning

Before you move toward blow-drying, wash your hair. The neat and clean hair will protect your hair from moisture loss and drying.

The hair will be able for the best styling. It will save your hair from heat damage. The other best tip is to use a conditioner for about 30 minutes before washing. These tips will keep your hair healthy and reduce hair loss due to heat or styling.

Comb Out

Before using a hairdryer, remove detangles from the wet hair with your fingers. Detangling my fingers first reduces the hair fall.

Then you can use a comb for smoothness. When you comb your hair, start from the lower tips and remove detangles from there. Then move to the upper part. It will save hair from breaking and pulling.

Drying with a Towel

Don’t try to use the dryer on wet hair. Use the dryer when there is comparably less moisture. Use a towel to absorb the excess water. Less water means less resistance and frizz. Use this till 50% of your hair is dry.

Heat protection

You can use any heat protector such as natural oil or heat protector spray before a hair blow. It will protect hair from heat damage, moisturize the hair, and will allow them to grow.

Grapeseed oil is the best hair moisturizer and is heat-resistant. You can make blow-drying easy by diving the hair into 6-8 sections. In this way, you can blow dry all the hair well. When you dry your hair, start from medium to high heat.

Cold or Hot Blow

Hot hair will open the hair cuticles. It is better to give a cold blow at the end of drying. It will provide a shine to hair, lower the chance of frizz, and set styles in the best way. 


For the best-untouched hair texture, you can use a diffuser rather than a blow dryer. It uses low to medium heat and dry hair by placing it on the scalp.

Concentrator and combs

These tools are the best for those who want to get a style or straighten their hair. These help to move air down and dry hair shafts well. You can start from low to medium heat and then move towards the cool blast of air for perfect styling.

Guidelines to Buy The Accurate Hair Dryer

Following are the best guidelines to buy an accurate hair dryer for black hair. 


Speed is a vital factor. The speed should be high. So before purchasing the hairdryer, always check the speed rate or limit. So choose an instrument with multiple heats and a speed setting. Then you can use it for coarse and soft hair as well. 


The wattage of the dryer should be more for its stability and best working. The high wattage keeps the balance between heat and air. It increases the drying speed and time without straining and stress. If the wattage is slow, it will affect the airspeed. 


You can buy a dryer having parallel or ionic technology. Both work at the same principle by balancing the positive ions with the negative ions.

It breaks down the particles in water and seals the hair shafts. It protects the natural oil in hair cuticles and makes them healthy and shiny.


You can buy a hairdryer having porcelain or ceramic material in it. Ceramic has mud and is a heating element such as blow dryers for internal coating. Both porcelain and ceramic material produces infrared heat that penetrates the hair and allows them to dry.

Nozzle Accessories

When you go for a hairdryer for black hair, prefer the one with nozzle accessories such as a diffuser and concentrator.

They will help in the distribution of air evenly everywhere. They will trim the uncurly hair and defrizz & straighten the hair also. Besides this, diffusers are the best for natural black hair. The concentrators are the best tool for fining or relaxing the hair.

Best Hair Dryer For African American Natural Hair

  1. InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer
  2. Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer
  3. Nition Ceramic Hair Dryer
  4. JOHN 2200w Professional Hair Dryer
  5. Turbo Power Twin 3200 Hair Dryer
  6. Revlon Volumizing Turbo Hairdryer

InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer

InStyler BLU Turbo Ionic Dryer is the best dryer for natural black hair with a unique design. It has an ergonomic shape with an all-white exterior. The curved handle makes it pretty in look. It is easy to hold and has a sturdy grip. It has blue detailing and one thing that makes it fantastic with multiple accessories.

Best hair dryer for African American natural hair

This dryer facilitates the user with the best performance along with a concentrator and diffuser. Furthermore, it has a high-power motor, two heat settings, turbo ionic switch, infinity airflow dial, and high compression turbine fan.

It is light weighted, and people love its performance. You will get a perfect result if you blow-dry your hair in sections. It is the best choice for curly African American natural hair. 

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer is also one of the best choices for natural black hair. The infrared radiations of this dryer penetrate the cortex and heat it perfectly. It keeps control and keeps the hair shiny and smooth. It works on the principle of tourmaline technology.

Best hair dryer for African American natural hair

Not only that, but it releases the negative ions that reduce the frizz, provides static electricity, and increases the shine. Furthermore, it has a triple ceramic coating that reduces the chances of heat damage.

It has many functions, including two-speed settings, two heats setting, and a one-shot button for hairstyles. The 3 sectioning clips make it perfect for focusing on dry hair. It contains a concentrator attachment and finger diffuser attachment for drying and styling.

Nition Ceramic Hair Dryer

Nition Ceramic Hair Dryer is also one of the best choices for the natural hair of Africans. It has ceramic material and has adorable appearance. The ceramic coated air outlet grill infuses with argan oil, Nanosilver, and tourmaline technology. Each plays a vital role in the health of the hair along with drying.

Best hair dryer for African American natural hair

Such Nanosilver repairs the damaging hair, & argan oil moisturizes the hair and makes them soft and smooth. It also protects the hair from UV rays, frizzing, splitting, and damaging. Tourmaline technology produces negative ions that are helpful in the reduction of static electricity.

This dryer is light which means you can carry it easily. It is compatible with three attachments. Such as comb, concentrator, and diffuser. It maintains temperature and airflow with three heat settings and two wind flow settings. The motor is strong enough to control airflow and provide high speed. It has double protection circuit design & an ALCL safety plug for auto leakage protection. 

JOHN 2200w Professional Hair Dryer

Another best hair dryer for black hair is JOHN 2200w Professional Hair Dryer. It is a super-fast dryer with 2200w power & six heat and speed settings. It has a unique combo of tourmaline ceramic technology that dry the hair without radiating the hair or drying its external structure.


The concentrator nozzles not only help in drying but also straighten the curls and rough hair. It is easy to control. This device has 5- year warranty. But the temperature may be low when you reduce heat or speed. 

Turbo Power Twin 3200 Hair Dryer


Turbo Power Twin 3200 Hair Dryer is the best Italian turbo twin with 2100w power. It is the best choice for curly hair. It has flexible bristles that help in removing tangles and smoothing the hair. This dryer has ionic conditioning features that make hair smooth and lovely.

Revlon Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer


Revlon Volumizing Turbo Hair dryer has a combo of plastic and steel. You can increase the airflow and promote fast drying by using a turbo button. It has a three-layer ceramic coating, two-speed settings, and three heat settings.

The cold shot keeps the styling in place. It protects the hair from damage and allows them to nourish.  It is the best dryer for natural African American hair. But it has some quality issues. 

FAQs about the Best hair dryer for African American natural hair:

Can I get hairstyling by using a hairdryer?

Yes. If the hairdryer has nozzle accessories such as diffusers and concentrators.

Does the hairdryer damage the hair?

Yes, too much use of the hairdryer damages the hair and leads to drying and breaking.

How can I overcome the side effects of a hairdryer?

Before drying hair, the use of moisturizer or any natural oil will reduce resistance frizz.

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