Best Dive Watches Under $300

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In a fast-going life, you want a dive watch in a hurry without wasting time. Then do not worry as we have brought unique features, a dive watch for scuba divers and swimmers under $300. Though it is an era of technology and watches, it has been replaced by mobiles years ago.

But dive watches are still the best marine timepieces. These smartwatches are also becoming popular, and it is supposed that they will surely replace digital mobiles again. These watches are for underwater games such as scuba diving.

But because of their unique features, these watches are liked for casual functions and official works. The dive watch makes the personality of a man or a woman more loving & attractive.

Best Dive Watches Under $300

  1. Citizen Eco-drive, the runner-Up Dive Watch
  2. Orient Mako II Divers watch
  3. Seiko Men’s SKX007K Automatic Divers Watch
  4. Phoibos Men’s PX005B 1000m Dive Watch
  5. NEYMAR 44mm Automatic Dive Watch
  6. Victorinox INOX Professional Divers Watch

Citizen Eco-Drive the Runner-Up Dive Watch

Citizen Eco-drive – runner-up is among the perfect wristwatches for divers and swimmers. It adds fun with unique functions and features. It has a unique blend of edgy and minimalistic designs with a Promaster stainless steel crown, black dial, and band.

The ISO complaint has proved it, as a scratch-free and water-resistant bracelet is a more loving part of it. The pressure-bearing case makes it perfect for all water activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Moreover, it has a rotating bezel and a plastic band.


It provides clear visibility with luminous hands and a date window. It also makes the interior interface alluring and adorable. The power dynamics help citizen eco drive watch in storing the energy that keeps it charged.

Moreover, it has a rechargeable power cell that eliminates the tension of changing the battery again & again. The dial window is of anti-refractive mineral crystal that makes it attractive for water adventurers and divers. But it is too bulky, and the band is also of average material.

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Orient Mako II Divers Watch

The Orient Mako II Divers watch is among the most popular ones due to its robust features.  It is more attractive with stainless steel red and blue dial and a sleek silver-toned band. It has 660ft water resistance and is perfect for all water activities, including water sports and professional marine activity. It has Japanese-automatic hand movements with 120 unidirectional bezel rotations/clicks and an adjustable band.


Moreover, the Arabic numerals 12, 9, and 6 on its display and illuminant hands along with the dated window make the dial pretty and neutral for casual wearing. Its mineral crystal can bear high pressure, and the sunburst dial always shines because of light as well. It is an excellent and affordable watch for everyone. But it is a bit heavy for some people, and its crown is small.

Seiko Men’s SKX007K Automatic Divers Watch

Seiko Men’s SKX007K Divers Watch is also among the ISO-certified watches for divers. The Diver’s watch is affordable with reliable features. The dive watch has durable and high-quality material.

The screw-down crown is waterproof, and it prevents water infiltration. This dive watch provides luminosity with a black dial, along with illuminant hands and a day/date window at the 3 o’clock position. But the rotating bezel is not aligned accurately.


The crown at 4o’ clock position and unscratched dial make the watch more attractive and beautiful. The dive watch has an automatic movement, and it uses the kinetic energy of your arm to provide power to the rotor for proper working.

Phoibos Men’s PX005B 1000m Dive Watch

Phoibos Men's PX005B 1000m Dive Watch

Phoibos Men’s PX005B 1000 M Dive Watch is the perfect shining and brightening watch for men. This watch is famous for its features. Its water resistance ability is up to 100 meters.

That is why it is suitable for snorkeling and diving. Phoibos dive watch is adorable with sapphire crystal glass and super-luminous markers and hands. It is a fantastic watch with high-quality material and the design of the upper case.

But it has only one downside it is second-hand does not meet the indices. But it is the perfect one for water adventurers.

NEYMAR 44mm Automatic Dive Watch

NEYMAR 44mm Automatic Dive Watch

The NEYMAR 44mm Automatic Dive Watch has a well-built structure with all features of a dive watch. Additionally, it has a sapphire crystal with AR coating, a 44mm brushed and polished stainless case, and a unidirectional ceramic bezel with 120 clicks.

Although the watch is lightweight, adding a stainless-steel band increases the weight. The watch is waterproof up to 1000 meters and has a waterproof screw crown.

However, the watch is not suitable for wrists less than 7 inches due to its large size, and the time-changing mechanism may not be reliable, requiring the user to redo the crown and push it again and again. Nonetheless, the watch is versatile and can be worn with any outfit.

Victorinox INOX Professional Divers Watch


The Victorinox INOX Professional Divers Watch is one of the best watches from INOX, with a unique design and development. It has passed 100 “stress tests” and is non-corrosive hypoallergenic, non-magnetic, and has a water resistance of up to 200 meters.

Additionally, it has a diameter of 43mm, with a sapphire scratch-free crystal, and comes with a removable magnifying glass and a removable translucent protective bumper.

The watch is standard for temperature tolerance, saltwater resistance, anti-magnetism, strap durability, and luminosity. It also has a quartz movement and is light in weight.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, finding a reliable and functional dive watch under $300 can be a daunting task, but with the options listed above, it doesn’t have to be. Each of the watches mentioned offers unique features and benefits to meet the needs of any diver.

Whether you’re looking for durability, water resistance, or functionality, these watches offer it all. Ultimately, the perfect dive watch comes down to personal preference, but any of these options would make a great addition to any diver’s collection.

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