Best Dive Watches Under $200

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The modern era has almost diminished the watch’s need due to the invention of sophisticated dive computers and mobile phones.

But still, there is a need for watches in certain areas of life & nothing can fulfill it, such as diving. Wristwatches always give an elegant look to the personality no matter what the purpose is.

There are many kinds of watches that are specific for their purpose. Dive watches are an excellent invention that you will see now on the wrist of divers.

The people who love adventures in sports and like diving know well the importance of dive watches. A simple watch cannot work as a dive watch.

That is why in the modern era, you will find dive watches as the backup of dive computers. Keeping in view the importance of the dive watches for divers and adventures, we have collected the best dive watches under $200. These dive watches are affordable and perfect for memorable moments.

Dive watches are the best automatic watches for divers to remind them how long they have been underwater and the quantity of air they have left in the tank. These are more fashionable and cool watches these days.

In the 17th century, these were developed with the idea of having the water-resistant capability. In the 19th century, more advancements were made & it was for specific customers.

It was specified for military and industrialists in the early 20th century by making some changes in it. These have been developed according to recent technologies, and now they can handle submarine activities.

In the market, a variety of dive watches is available, having different price tags. So it is tricky but not tough to find the best dive watch under $200. The watch should be stylish, good-looking for functional. It will boost your personality.

Buyer’s Guide For Best Dive Watches under $200:

Before going for the best dive watch, you must know what qualities your dive watch should have and what you may get under $200.

Price: first prefer the budget-friendly dive watch. There will be many expensive and cheap dive watches.

You need a dive watch that with quality, should be affordable. Within that affordable range, you need to look for the best material, durability, and high-quality.

Water-resistant: Dive watches are used during diving and underwater activities. So the dive watch should be water-resistant. If you are looking for the dive watch for a stylish look only, then you can prefer the one having 50 m water-resistant ability. It can survive for hand washes and showering. While for submarine & underwater activities, the water resistance of the dive watch should be 200 m or 660feet.

Constructive quality: the dive watch should be durable and of high-quality for well-performance. It should have a well-built case with a strong crystal of mineral or sapphire and a bracelet.

Movement: in dive watches, automatic movements are common. The dive watches don’t require any battery they automatically wind with the motion of the arm. The other thing that makes this timepiece more adorable is the date/day feature.

Other features: the other features of the dive watch include a bezel that tells the exact time you remain in the water, large illuminated dices, and an illuminated dial. Some high-quality dive watches have a unidirectional bezel that rotates in a counterclockwise direction to tell how much time is left.

Best Dive Watches Under $200

Some best dive watches under $200 are as follows.

  1. Timex Allied Coastline (TW2R60600)
  2. The Phoibos PX002C Dive Watch
  3. Orient Mako II Dive Watch
  4. Pantor Nautilus 515 dive watch
  5. Victorinox Maverick II (241088)

Timex Allied Coastline (TW2R60600)

Do you want a high-quality dive watch then it is the ideal choice to look for the Timex ? It offers the best quality dive watches under all the ranges.
Timex Allied Coastline (TW2R60600) dive watch is a suitable watch for divers and eco divers under $200. It is a high-quality imported watch that has Quartz automatic movement.
Best Dive Watches Under $200

Not only that, but it does not require any battery as it moves with the motion of your arm. This dive watch is water-resistance up to 100 m it means you cause it for scuba diving.

Its features are unique and loving which gives a stylish look to your personality.

This dive watch has mineral glass crystal that is scratch resistant and a black dial with a 43 mm low lead brass case.

The case is black and has a circle shape. This dial has  Indigo Night-Light feature that illuminates it in dark and allows the user to read it easily.

It has Arabic numeral makers and hands. Its black color makes it iconic and adorable.  It has high-durability with excellent quality.

The Phoibos PX002C Dive Watch

If you want a sophisticated and elegant look to your appearance with a lovely hand watch that is suitable for diving and other activities then the Phoibos PX002C dive watch is an ideal choice for you.

Phoibos PX200 is best to manage different impressive looks and is an homage for submariners.

Best Dive Watches Under $200

It is driven by the super Swiss Quartz Ronda movement. It is much accurate for determining the exact time.

Its features give it an exquisite look. It has high-quality and well-built. It is equipped with super LuminovaBGW9 luminosity.

The other best features include a screw crown, 120-click unidirectional bezel, solid link bracelet, and stainless-steel sapphire crystal.

It is water-resistant up to 300 m that makes it perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling as well. It is a cool and versatile dive watch for use.

Orient Mako II Dive Watch

Orient Mako II dive watch is a unique blend of tradition and modern style. Orient is a Japanese company that is renowned for high-quality dive watches.

It also offers other dive watches that are expensive in range and among them, the Orient Mako II dive watch is the highly affordable dive watch for divers and all.

Best Dive Watches Under $200

The features that make it highly preferable are a blue dial with a 41.5mm diameter dial case, stainless-steel bracelet, and mineral crystal structure.

The blue dial looks more brilliant in sun rays. This dive watch has Caliber F6922 automatic movement that is capable of hand-winding and hacking.

The mineral crystal is more resistant to scratches and water. Its water-resistant capability is 200 m that makes it perfect and ideal for scuba diving.

It has a 120-click unidirectional bezel for time tracking during diving. The luminous hand and markers add more legibility to it.

Pantor Nautilus 515 Dive Watch

Pantor Nautilus 515 dive watch is the best impressive dive watch for athletes and divers as well. Its appearance is like diving apparatus. This watch has Swiss Quartz movement along with pretty features.


This dive watch has Luminova indices, 120-clicks bezel, and a smooth oval stainless-steel case. It is precise in time tracking and functionality.

It has a rubber strap that makes it comfortable and flexible in use. Its water-resistance capacity is 200 m. Its well-built structure makes it adorable and lovely. You can use it for water sports and all other activities.

Victorinox Maverick II (241088)

Victorinox Maverick II (241088) is also the best affordable dive watch for divers and snorkelers. It is a loud wristwatch that grabs the attention of the water sportsmen with an orange and white color appearance.

It is an ideal choice for people who like thrills and style. Furthermore, it is well-built and durable in construction that makes it able to bear jerks while playing.

Its features are unique for chronograph functionality. Its features include a pretty dial with three sub-dials, a 43 mm stainless steel case, and a durable scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window.

The dial is empowered by the Swiss Quartz movement. The functions of this dive watch are tachometer, calendar, and date. It has a casual watch style, but its performance makes it more unique and adorable in use.

Frequenlty Asks The Questions

What Is The Best Affordable Water For Scuba Diving?

There are suitable dive watches, but Phoibos PX002C dive watch is the best one due to its unique features and functions.

Can I Use A Dive Watch For Other Purposes?

Yes. You can use a dive watch for snorkeling, swimming, and casual functions.

What Should Be The Water Resistance Of The Dive Watch?

A dive watch having 200m of water resistance is capable of diving. But if the dive watch says no water resistance, then it is not suitable for swimming purposes.

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