7 Best Burberry Cologne for Men

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Wearing cologne makes a man’s personality more attractive and confident. Good cologne is a basic part of personal style. It is not an easy task to choose the best cologne that puts a positive impact on your credibility.

There are a lot of well-known cologne brands famous for the best aromas & Burberry is also one of them. It is popular all over the globe due to its unique, cool, intense, and carefully developed aromas.

Burberry is a well-known brand & luxury fashion house owned by Thomas Burberry.  The Burberry colognes are known for their traditional & modern fragrances. 

Today I will introduce you to the best colognes for men by Burberry.

Burberry had come to England as the best fashion brand for coats and clothes. It was very successful in its exclusive collection.

Then in 1981, it introduced perfumes & colognes that exactly matched its exclusive fashion line. Burberry has created a reputation for elegance by balancing the level of essence and alcohol in its scents.

Here are the best 5 colognes of Burberry that you can make as signature cologne.

Best Burberry Cologne For Men

The Burberry colognes are the least potent fragrances that last up to 12 hours.

  1. Burberry London Cologne
  2. Burberry Weekend Men
  3. Burberry Brit Cologne
  4. Burberry Touch for men
  5. Mr. Burberry EDP
  6. Burberry Indigo
  7. Burberry Brit Rhythm

Burberry London Cologne:

Best Burberry Colognes For Men

Burberry London Cologne is the most unique and elegant scent of Burberry. This fragrance is fresh, and piney with a little bit of spiciness that makes it preferable during colder months.

It contains unique ingredients that create the best sense of symphony and love. The top notes have a blend of lavender, bergamot, and warm cinnamon that is maintained with oakmoss, rich leather, and mimosa flower in such a way that this fragrance lasts up to 6 hours.

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It is a suitable choice for aged men and provides a sense of sophistication to the user. But it is a bit sillage for some people.

Burberry Weekend Men

Best Burberry Colognes For Men

If you want to wear a light scent in summer that energizes you, then Burberry Weekend Men is the perfect choice for you. This fragrance is a feminine scent that is suitable to wear on weekends.

The top, heart, and mid notes are unique and sophisticated. The citrus opening provides a high level of freshness.

This lemon scent keeps younger, active, and cheerful. Moreover, the sweet & tangerine flavor of grapefruit puts an elegant impression on others.

It promotes the relaxing effect, creativity, and imaginativeness of the men. Its smell might be light for those who like heavy fragrances.

Burberry Brit Cologne


Burberry Brit Cologne, launched in 2004, has a graceful and black-laid style with a masculine smell. It is among the best scents of this brand.

The top notes have a citrus opening along with bergamot, ginger root, spicy cardamom, and mandarin orange.

The heart notes have the perfect blend of a slight hint of rose, nutmeg, woody cedar scent, and other spices. It makes the fragrance a bit warm and elegant.

Patchouli, musk, and Tonka beans make the fragrance more masculine and loving. It is versatile and has a long-lasting effect. It is good to wear for schools or offices, but it is not to stand out.

Burberry Touch for Men


Burberry Touch for Men was launched in 2000 by Jean-Pierre Bethouart. This scent has a blend of musky, woody, and floral fragrances that makes it unique and attractive for men.

The notes have an infusion of Virginia cedarwood, nutmeg, and white pepper with violet trees and mandarin leaves.

It entertains the user with the best plant and musky smell and provides a long-lasting effect that lasts for 8 hours. But its smell is moderate sillage and a bit spicy for some people.

Mr. Burberry EDP


Mr. Burberry EDP is a super-versatile and elegant scent for all seasons. This cologne is suitable for all ages from 20 to above, and they can wear it in all situations, in school, the office, casual dinners, formal meetings, dates, and nights out.

It has unique bittersweet scents due to a combination of grapefruit, citrus, cardamom, cinnamon, and herbal vibes on top notes. Moreover, it has patchouli, and wood creeps that add a warm, sweet fragrance to it.

Mr. Burberry Indigo


Mr. Burberry Indigo has a unique and elegant smell that is different from the original Mr. Burberry. Most of the DNA scents are easy to recognize, but their composition is a bit different.

It opens with a blast of fragrances. It smells bright and super fresh with a combo of spearmint and fresh lemon citrus.

Violet leaf and rosemary give it a spicy herbal minty vibe and versatile look to the personality.

Burberry Brit Rhythm


Burberry Brit Rhythm is an inspiring fragrance that is suitable for both day and night. This scent is vibrant and invigorating with a woody aromatic scent.

It has an impressive smell due to the perfect blend of leather, cedarwood, and basil verveina with Tonka beans and patchouli. It is more suitable for night wear.

For the desired result, you can spray it on pulse points such as the wrist and neck. It is a perfect blend of modern and traditional scents that gives a modern personality.

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