Best Battery Saver Apps For Android Mobiles

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Today in the era of technology, smart Android mobiles have become a trend. They have become the need of everyone. Whether you are a businessman or a student android, mobiles help a lot in every field.

They are not only for sharing files. You can do a study with the help of these. But the one failure an Android user face is running short of battery life before the day’s end.

The improvements did battery life every year, but still do not have long battery timing due to running of background apps, heavy apps, or excessive work on mobile.

Due to this little defect, you cannot put your Android mobile down. We have summed up the top best battery saver apps for Android.

Android mobiles have fast drainage of the battery which is a worry for users. Most battery saver apps are like snake oil for mobile. Instead of increasing the lifespan, they lead to faster drainage of the battery.

Reason for Battery Drainage

The reasons for battery drainage in Androids mobile, include running off the battery hog tracking app in the background.

  1. Improper optimization of the apps
  2. Malware ads while surfing the internet

All these lead to malfunctioning of the mobile and will cause a problem for you during work. But now you need our collection book of battery saver apps that will save your mobile from malfunctioning and its performance.

The Efficient Ways To Increase Battery Life

For internet surfing, use Wi-Fi connectivity instead of cellular data as cellular data drain much battery.

  • Uninstall those apps that are not in use or unnecessary apps.
  • Avoid using a bright screen as it draws a lot of battery.
  • When you are not using Bluetooth, GPS, or Wi-Fi, turn off these.
  • Avoid using live wallpapers as they drain more battery than still wallpapers.
  • Do not switch on vibration mode as it uses more battery.
  • When your mobile is on charge, do not play games on mobile.
  • Use the brand battery.

Remove the battery-consuming apps and updates the apps regularly. The new apps consume less energy than the old version.

Best Battery Saver Apps for Mobiles

  1. Power Pro
  2. Kaspersky battery lifesaver
  3. Avira Optimizer
  4. Greenify
  5. Accubattery
  6. Battery doctor

Power Pro:

PowerPro Apk Download

Power Pro is the best and most free battery saver app. This app is easy to use, along with 5 million downloads. The power pro has a quick optimizer that manages power consumption. It also involves the prevention of fast drainage and also monitors the status of the battery.

Moreover, it conserves battery in many ways such as inactive, the background running app, the mobile is running for the period, it cools down the device by slowing the rate of power consumption.

Kaspersky Battery Lifesaver

Kaspersky battery lifesaver also acts as a booster, and it is a top-rated battery-saving app on the Google play store for Android mobiles.

Best Battery Saver Apps For Android

By using this app, you will remain free from the worry of charging your mobile again & again. This app wisely optimizes battery drainage and also pushes your notifications removal from the apps.

They are consuming more battery than the standard energy. It prevents the battery juice’s drainage by keep checking the background running apps. It also provides the statistical forecast for the battery’s remaining life in hours & minutes.

Avira Optimizer:

Avira is the German company that introduces Avira Optimizer to clean up your Android mobile from battery-draining apps. It is one of the best systems for Android mobiles as it removes power-consuming apps. It also optimizes the mobile for more speed & frees up memory.

Download Avira Optimizer APK

It cools down the device from overheating. It is an all-in-one optimizer that acts as a battery saver and has security features as well. In this way, it increases the battery life of the mobiles. It is a perfect app for Android mobile and digital computers having Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

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The next term is Greenify. This Android battery-saver app is famous for Android mobiles, root, and un-root devices. It comes into the market in January 2013 for the protection of the battery of Android mobiles. It identifies the apps that run continuously in the background.

Greenify apk download

For Android mobiles, it has Aggressive Doze and Dozes on the Go in-app engines. They help to improve the battery timing and device working also. This app completely stops the app from running in the background until it opens.

It is light in weight and does not save personal data on the mobile. But this app is a bit hard to control at the start.

Moreover, it does not show notifications for the app running in the background. It also does not support the system apps in the free version.


Accubattery is the best and most comprehensive battery saver that offers both free and paid pro versions for Android mobiles.

This app saves the battery from drainage and for taking a lot of care for battery health. It keeps a check-in balance on battery timing, including charge alarm and battery wear features.

Best Battery Saver Apps for android

It measures the battery charge timing and displays the remaining use time and charge time on the front. Its pro version is better than the free version.

The pro version is free of ads that are an essential part of the free version. According to the app, the optimal battery charging level should be 80% before removing the mobile from a socket. It has a V interface and provides detailed usage stats.

Battery Doctor

Best Battery Saver Apps for android

The battery doctor has a user-friendly interface and battery monitor, energy saver, and power-saving profiles. When there is a track down of apps, it checks at once the battery level stats.

It is a multilingual app that can read more than 28 languages and optimizes the battery power perfectly.

It allows toggling the apps that drain the battery fast such as Wi-Fi, monitor, and GPS. But it is a bit heavy app than others and requires a lot of system permissions.

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