5 Best Bar Inventory Systems

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Managing a business, a bar or a restaurant takes time, concentration, force, and seniority with your work. In the bar, you must manage inventory and product control at once.

The inventory system helps the manager or owner to check the loss, profit, and cost of products. It also helps to know what the best time will be to order the stock.

Bar inventory management is a vital step to set up a successful bar business. Manually it is no easy task. But with the development of technology, this work has become easy and convenient.

It is the best way to switch off from a manual inventory system to the digital one. We have listed the best inventory apps that will help you to set the entire bar data in the best way.

Before moving toward the main point, it is essential to know the bar inventory system and how it is beneficial for running a successful bar business.

Bar Inventory System

The bar inventory system is the system to manage the liquids or alcohol supply to the customers in the bar. This system is so much advanced that it can maintain everything, including

  1. Estimation of Financial Progress Monthly & Yearly.
  2. Calculation of loss and profit of business and way to maintain it to get the best one.
  3. Identification of shrinkage, its reason, and method to control inventory.
  4. Calculation of pour cost of every product.
  5. Listing the products that will sell and that will not.
  6. Estimation of the amount needed for any product.

Benefits Of The Inventory System

Following are the benefits of using the inventory system in the bar or restaurant. The inventory system helps to improve the business by

  • Error Minimization
  • Timesaving
  • Saving The Cost
  • Improve Customer Service

Error Minimization

When being an owner, do you work a long shift? Then it is possible to have mistakes during calculation and data entry due to illegible handwriting or any human error.

With beverage management apps, it is easy to calculate and enter data with low error possibility.


The digital inventory apps save time. You can put all the data on an Excel sheet instead of noting it in a notebook and then feeding it.

You can also download the inventory apps on your smartphones or laptops. In this way, liquid inventory will become one of your favorite tasks.

Saving The Cost

Taking the inventory system will help you remove the excess stock of products that do not sell much. It will help you to achieve success in your bar business.

You can manage the menu items by considering which of them sell most and which least. In this way, you can get profit by stocking those that sell the most.

Moreover, taking regular inventory will save you from wasting over or under-stock liquor. You know that wasting such liquids or running shots of these ingredients space up yourselves. It is a disaster for your company.

So, by taking a consistent inventory, you can overcome such mistakes. Furthermore, you can also measure the quantity of liquor left in your bottle by a liquor scale app.

Improve Customer Service

The proper inventory management system will help you improve customer service. You can get reminded of the favorite liquor of your customer.

Best Inventory System Software For Bar

Orca Inventory

Orca inventory is the best inventory software that is the smarter system that facilitates the user with artificial intelligence and patent-pending algorithm. It will guide you on how you can increase your sales.

When a customer enters the bar, it will first detect its previous habit. In this way, you can improve your customer service.

It also generates small orders based on prior ordering and consumption trends to lower beverage costs. It is the best inventory system and mobile app for food, liquid, beer & wine.


Partender is also the best inventory and mobile app for wine, beer, and liquor. It provides the inventory report within 15 minutes.

Partender features a TV show and bar rescue and helps to par with beverage costs. A partender is a weightless inventory app that can measure the exact amount of liquor in a bottle.

You can measure it by tapping the liquor level in the mobile app. It manages the ordering, along with reports and emails, when you receive an order from the distributor.


Best Inventory System

BevSpot is the king among inventory software. It facilitates the owner with tracking inventory, placing orders, and confirmation of deliveries. Its offline mood makes it available in low availability of the internet.

It provides the facility for organizing the items on shelves, and multiple members can use this inventory on their devices. BevSpot provides a complete inventory report with alcohol’s brand name & usage, pricing, and sales.


The beverage is also the perfect bar inventory management software that gives 20-minute inventory, orders with a mobile app, and quick integration.

It saves the monthly report for about 30- hours. A bevager can track the statement with a barcode scanner. It synchronizes the data by uploading the pic of beers.


The BarDog liquor inventory app makes the inventory simple and easy. It records the data of all the liquor left behind, along with grouping the items. You can manage and track the entire bar inventory system in the best way in this app. 

This app can log the alcohol purchase, then you will get detailed stock information. More than one user can use this app to complete the inventory.

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