5 Best Badminton Racket Brands Review in 2022

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An excellent and durable sports tool is like Armour for the players. Every professional requires the fundamental tools to be the best in his work.

Similarly, the badminton racket is the main armory of the badminton players. Without the badminton rackets, the game is nothing.

When you are serious about badminton and want to be a professional player, it is necessary to choose the best branded badminton racket for play.

In the market, many brands are offering quality badminton rackets. But as life is in the hustle, no one has much time for finding the best one.

But don’t worry, we have listed the 5 top brands that offer the best badminton rackets for players to be professional and expert in their game.

For physical and mental health, the games are essential. Badminton is also one of those games that provide physical and mental refreshment.

For enjoy the game in the best way and want to enhance the performance in your play. First, learn the skill and rules of the game.

Then choose the incredible rackets to increase your credibility.  The badminton rackets are the premier tools for this game.

The exceptional quality of badminton rackets will make an extraordinary difference in your game than the standard one. It will help you to keep an edge over your competitors. 

What Type of Badminton Racket Should You Look For?

The badminton rackets are of different weights. But the heavy badminton rackets deliver more power for play. But if you are a beginner, choose the 63 lightweighted badminton rackets as the heavy one is harder to control.

It should be strong and durable enough to play well during the game.

The badminton rackets are of two shapes; oval and isometric shapes. It is vital to choose the right one.

The oval shape racket is trickier and provides excellent quality play if you can manage the shuttle lending rate.

But oval shape badminton rackets, the isometric shape delivers a high success rate landing shuttle at the sweet spot.

It should be able to maintain balance and should be of high-quality material. For more power, the balance point of the badminton rackets should be towards the head.

For more control, the balance point should be toward the handle. It’s upon you what type of balance you required.

You can also buy a badminton grip and wrap it over the head of your racket as a beginner. It will be suitable for you to play well.

When we talk about a shaft, a flexible rachis is more suitable than the stiff one. As with the flexible rachis, you don’t need to compensate for more power. You only need to focus on your skills.

5 Best Badminton Racket Brand:

The following brands offer high-quality and incredible badminton rackets for both beginners and professionals

  1. Yonex 
  2. Victor 
  3. Ashaway
  4. Li Ning
  5. Senston


Yonex is the best company in the United Kingdom that offers sport luxuries, including bags, shuttlecocks, clothing, footwear, badminton rackets, and other accessories. The Yonex was dyed in the wool in 1946, and in 1971 it introduced its Yonex racket.

Best Badminton Racket Brand

Many professionalists like Yonex products for perfection due to their durability and best performance.

The Yonex badminton rackets have great power, superior maneuverability, perfect swing, and control that make the game more captivating and enjoyable.

Yonex is also one of the biggest sports sponsors that support many tournaments. Yonex Nanoray, Yonex Voltric, Yonex Arcsaber, Z Slash are some of the best badminton rackets for beginners and professionals. 


Victor is also the other renowned name in badminton equipment.  This brand was founded in 1958 by Chen Den Li. Victor started its brand in Taiwan, and after a successful journey, it moved towards Europe.

Best Badminton Racket Brand

At this time, it is offering its services in more than 60 countries. It produces high-quality badminton rackets that deliver powerful smashes with its staggering quality.

The badminton rackets are made of carbon graphite and are durable for efficient working. Many professionals, including Yang Wei and many others, prefer victor’s badminton rackets. Victor Brave sword 1900F, victor brave sword 12 are some of its famous products.


Best Badminton Racket Brands

The Ashaway badminton rackets are famous all over the United Kingdom. Ashaway was founded in 1824 and was the first in manufacturing the fishing line.

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Later it moved towards the production of badminton equipment in 2009. Its racket’s weight starts from 85g, and they have stiffer flex. The current famous badminton rackets of Ashaway are Phantom Helix, Phantom X speed II, and Phantom X Fire II.

Li Ning

Li Ning is also one of the best sporting goods companies that manufacture sportswear in China. It dyed-in-the-wool in 1990, and at this time, along with badminton rackets, it also offers shoes, clothes, and other accessories for players.

Best Badminton Racket Brand

It is the most reliable supplier of light-weighted badminton rackets in the United States. Li Ning HC 100A, Li Ning Turbo Charging 7td are its most famous products. These rackets provide excellent stability and aerodynamics with light frames that make them perfect for advanced badminton players.



Senston is also the most leading company for sportswear for 3- years. It facilitates players with high-quality products and light-weighted frames with sweet spots. It offers an excellent shock absorbing wooden handle and 100% carbon fiber badminton rackets that are more suitable for beginners & intermediate players. Senston N80 is one of the most famous and attractive product for players.

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