Best 6×9 Speakers Without Amp

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For enjoying a piece of good music, whether in a car or at home, the speakers should be of high bass. The factory speakers installed in the cars usually disappoint the listeners due to poor quality and bass.

Therefore, car owners prefer to change the factory speakers and sound system with new and better ones.

If you want to replace the sound system, it is a good option to replace speakers. The best speakers for the car are 6×9 size speakers.

But it is not easy to find the perfect speakers as this task requires much attention and time.

We have come with the best 6×9 speakers without an amp for your car to level up the music system of your car.

Good music with excellent volume, put a pleasant effect on the listener and makes its journey joyful. Worn-out speakers destroy the music taste of the listener.

The factory speakers installed in the cars are not of high-quality material. They lack durability, clarity, and functionality.

Usually, a highly classic sound system consists of a good receiver, high-quality speaker, amplifiers, and subwoofers.

Subwoofers and amplifiers are for thrilling sound to shake windows.

But in my view, it is an extra expense to have an amplifier and subwoofer. You can get good speakers with an amp also.

6×9 speakers facilitate the listeners with high-quality sound so that you will not need any additional amplifier with these speakers.

With such speakers, you would not need any extra amplifier for the subwoofer as they are all in one.

They are the best to upgrade the factory sound system and improve the clarity and performance of the sound system.

Best 6×9 Speakers Without Amp

6×9 speakers without amp are the perfect choice for adding a new punch to your music system. Following are the best 6×9 speaker for a car music system.

  1. Pioneer TS-A6996R speakers
  2. New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6×9 speakers
  3. Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694 6×9 speakers
  4. Polk Audio DB691 6×9 speakers
  5. New Kenwood KFC-6965S 6×9 speakers

Pioneer TS-A6996R Speakers

Pioneer TS-A6996R speakers are the best speakers without an amp for the car system. They are expensive but classic in performance. The unique features of these speakers make them adorable to use.



  1. These speakers have an MMM cone called a multilayer mica matrix that improves the efficiency of the sound system.
  2. It allows the wide dispersion of sound and manages to emit deeper bass.
  3. These speakers are durable and of high quality. Furthermore, they have steel mesh and resin that is heat resistant.
  4. This 5 – way coaxial speakers have 650- watts of power and a hard, lightweight, and plastic diaphragm for the best performance.
  5. The diaphragm structure allows powerful sound reproduction.
  6. The high-quality soft dome tweeters give optimized sound at high volume.
  7. The thing that makes Pioneer TS-A6996R speakers more preferable is its spider design creates a lovely atmosphere on the car with stiffer suspension.


  • Rich and broad sound spectrum system
  • Facilitates with pleasant music at high volumes and frequencies
  • Deliver sound without the interference of other sounds
  • Have deeper bass and a pretty design


  • Only for specific vehicles
  • Requires technical skills for installation
  • Connectors are not durable
  • Bass is not much satisfactory
  • Are not long-lasting

New Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series 6×9 Speakers

When you talk about the best car audio industries you can’t ignore Kicker’s D-series in them. It is the most popular car audio system brand, and New Kicker 43DSC69304 is the best speaker of this brand. These speakers have high bass and good volume level.



  1. These are 3-way coaxial speakers with fabulous power that works excellently with the subwoofers system.
  2. These speakers support a propylene woofer having ribbed polyester foam around its surrounding, ½ PEI dome tweeters, and sub tweeters.
  3. The speakers can pair easily with subwoofers and car settings at the 4-ohm impedance and have a top-mount depth of 3-1/4” which makes it perfect for low-powered factory head units.
  4. The frequency ranges from about 30-20000 Hz, and the sensitivity is about 92dB.
  5. The bass is perfect for pumping sound energy in all genres. It delivers a clear sound with a smooth high to avoid harshness.
  6. They have a spider grill design, two 12-speaker wires, speed clips, plastic butt connectors, and self-tapping screws. But if you never want to install any separate subwoofer then don’t worry, it is an end-to-end system.


  • Affordable price
  • High-full performance

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694 6×9 Speakers:

Rockford Fosgate Punch P1694 6×9 speakers are the best choice for those who want to upgrade the car’s sonic system, but they are under budget.

For a high-performance audio system with clarity and durability, these are the best. Usually, speakers have three categories; prime, power, and punch.

The prime includes entry-level, and budget-friendly speakers, and Power have high-level components. The punch category has speakers having high audio quality.

Rockford Fosgate speakers come under the punch category due to the high audio quality system in them.



  1. The 4-way coaxial speakers provide high-quality replacement and up-gradation of the car sound system.
  2. They have flexed fit basket design with a stiff polypropylene cone surrounded with rubber for the best performance and efficiency.
  3. The bolder bass notes and pleasant mid-range waves will give you the best company during the journey.
  4. These no-distortion speakers have two tweeters; a piezo super tweeter and a silk dome tweeter. They facilitate the user with high-quality frequencies and responses.
  5. The built-in crossover design is perfect for efficient performance and is a money, time, and space feature.
  6. It has a 60Hz-22 kHz frequency & 91dB sensitivity with punchy bass and versatile mounting options.
  7. It delivers a smooth volume with no distortion.


  • The sound is much clear and improved than factory speakers
  • Comes with a balanced response


  • Midranges are not much impressive
  • Distortion occurs at high volume
  • Work well with the amplifier

Polk Audio DB691 6×9 Speakers

Polk Audio DB691 6×9 speakers are the most thrilling speakers due to their versatility, and flexibility. People prefer these speakers for car audio systems due to their amazing power-handling capability.

They have 150WRMS and 450W peak power. They enhance the functionality of the whole audio system with 4-ohm impedance and 93dB sensitivity.



  1. These 3-way coaxial speakers have a silver grille design with nominal mesh protection over the tweeters.
  2. The stiff material of the cone has the power to deliver good bass and improves its performance.
  3. The 1” silk/ polymer composite dome tweeter produces the midrange, and the 0.75” dome tweeter produces the highs.
  4. The stainless-steel speakers have two mount brackets, 8-speed clips, and 8- self-tapping screws.
  5. The built-in cross-over keeps flowing the highs and lows in the right drive.


  • Delivers a clear sound that feels natural
  • Has water and dirt-resistant material
  • Easy to install without any modification
  • Produce good bass


  • Unable to produce deep bass
  • Distortion may occur at peak power

New Kenwood KFC-6965s 6×9 Speakers:

New Kenwood KFC-6965s 6×9 speakers have high detailing and substance. This audiophile system can stock radio power highs and have 5- a way coaxial system. It is durable and reliable in performance.



  1. The flush mount speakers can maintain 1300 W power.
  2. The cone has a medium frequency of about 70 mm which ensures the durability of the speakers. These are water-resistant materials.
  3. The polypropylene woofers are durable, along with hallmark cloth surrounding these. These facilitate the listener with high bass supported by 400W power output.
  4. High-quality frequency limits with pleasant sound to enjoy music due to two tweeters inside it. A half-inch ceramic super tweeter and a 2-inch PEI cone tweeter for the smooth transition with frequency ranges from 30Hz to 22000 Hz.
  5. The speakers are heat resistant and can stand at a temp of about 40 to 250 degrees due to the ferrite magnet fix in them.
  6. The black color and silver finish gives it a sleek appearance. The sturdy basket that acts as a protective layer avoids damage and makes it long-lasting.


  • Well-protective structure
  • Gives great mid-ranges and highs
  • Easy installation with DIY skills


  • Cannot last up to 1 year with stock radio power
  • The sound quality on high is not appreciable
  • Ferrite magnet has poor quality

Buyer’s Guide For Best 6×9 Speakers Without Amp

Before marketing the best speaker to upgrade your car audiophiles, it is better to consider the things you require for the best factory speakers.

Types Of The Speaker

There are two types of speakers coaxial and component.

Coaxial provides the typical clarity and quality. But the quality is less than the high component speakers. They consist of woofers for low and for the highs tweeter mounted onto the woofers.

They are easy to install and provide a wide sound level. The component speakers have a high-quality sound level. They contain separate tweeters, woofers, and external crossovers.

They are complex to install and require an amplifier. Therefore it is better to look for the coaxial or full-range speaker if you want without the amp.

There are 2-way, 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way speakers. They are different in the number of drivers. The 2 way has one woofer and tweeter, and others have been added as per number. The driver’s number does not show quality, so you can buy from anyone.


Try to buy the speakers under budget. The full-range speakers are less expensive than the components. So it is better to spend at a reasonable price.

Sensitivity And Power

Sensitivity tells about the speaker’s loudness and is measured in decibels. Therefore it is better to look for higher sensitivity. It should be above 87dB.

The power source in the speaker of a car is the amp and receiver. The power ratings are RMS and peak. For the best sound, the power source should be compatible with the speaker’s RMS.

It is better to check the clarity of sound at all volumes because some speakers are distorted at high volumes while some hissing sounds come that shows the system is out of order.


You can choose a lightweight material for well-performance. You can buy ceramic, dome-shaped, and well-balanced tweeters.

For better bass and response the woofer should be of polypropylene, wove fabric, or mica synthetic material with a cloth or foam as surrounding material as they show the best result.

The material selection requires attention as for the best sound level, the material of the speakers should be stiff and lightweight.


Can An Audiophile System Of The Car Without An Amp?

Yes, of course, the 6×9 speaker can work at low grade without an amp, while for the high grade, it is better to use an amplifier for boosting the sound level.

How Can I Install 6×9 Speakers In My Car?

They have an easy installation process with a compact size. These are easy to fit in the spaces left by factory speakers. They are installed in the rear deck.

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