6 Best Tips Manage Beard Curls Under Chin

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Growing hair below the chin in men is a sign of masculinity and maturity. Everyone has different beard pattern and different beard style. Some men have long and straight beard hair while some have beard curls under the chin. Those who never shaved their beard once usually have beard curls.

The major benefit of curl beard is that it gives intended and thick beard look but to handle such curls is not too easy, because the pesky tangles are not easy to sort out. You will observe that even after intense grooming and combing the tangles appear after some time. But do not worry, still there are tricks and ways to handle beard curls under the chin.

As some people like the curly and frizzy man while some want to make them straight. These ways will help you to get a glimpse look and lovely appearance.

Reason Of Curly Beard:

The 85-95% curly beards under the chin are due to genetics. It depends on DNA strands of hair follicles whether they are growing curly, wavy, and straight or lined up.

The hairs are round and straight if beard hair follicles are symmetrical. The hair of asymmetrical beard follicles are oval shaped and curly. The other major reason of curly facial hair is taking the beard friendly food also affect the beard curls having keratin and collagen.

The hair also becomes curly due to unbalanced ratio of zinc and iron in the hair strands.

Tips To Manage The Curly Beard Under Chin:

The curly beard looks fuller and thick, and you can maintenance the beauty of the curly beard via following tips.


It is up to you how much thickly and lengthy beard you want. If you want long curly stubble then do not trim it and use tricks to make it long. The next thing is to shape the beard according to your face structure. You can use razors for transformation of the sprawling face into the legit beard.

Your beard requires grooming. Grooming means maintenance of the beard, exfoliating the dead skin cells of the beard skin, and trimming the double ends of the beard. Along with beard grooming beard styling is also important. It is different from beard grooming as it involves the use of different techniques to achieve a specific look.

You can shape the beard via beard balm, training your beard for growth and blow dry for achieving a fresh look. If you are worried that with beard curls you cannot manage different styles than it is not true. You can straight the facial curls and then trim them in different styles.

Wash Your Beard Properly:

It is necessary to wash your beard daily or 3 times in a week with a good beard shampoo and use beard conditioner also.


The process of straightening the hair starts from washing it or taking a shower. The water reduces the elasticity of the facial hair and weakens the bond. It helps to straight the facial hair curls. Moreover, the condition will keep the hair smooth and moisturize. It is a way to smooth the beard curl and give them a shiny look.

Comb Your Beard:

We simply comb the hair to get a smooth and fresh look. Moreover, it also removes the tangles. But it is interesting to know that if you comb the beard curl in the proper way you can make them straight and can also remove curls.


Combing the beard in a specific direction will give you beard styling. For the best result you can choose a Boar’s Hairbrush. For the round appearance of edges comb the beard curls downside. It will give a beautiful beard appearance on thin.

If you have a round face, the long beard will look pretty on you. The short beard with neatly trimmed sides is the perfect choice for you. For this comb, the beard downside and trim it along the sides. Then comb the beard upward. Repeatedly comb the beard ups and downs it will help to straight the beard curls.

Beard Balm And Beard Oils:

The other way that is helpful in straightening the beard curls is use of beard balm and beard oil. The beard oil moisturizes the hair while beard balm forms a cuticle layer of hair and increases it longevity.


After taking shower apply beard oil over the facial curls and comb hair down while blow-drying the beard. It is a time-consuming process for straightening the beard curls. Then take a beard balm about the size of the pea and rub it over the hands.

It will convert the balm into the oily layer and then apply it via fingers. It works as a wax and will keep the hair straight for long days.

Keep Beard Short:

The long beard is more prone to bacteria and disease cause by germs such as itching. Therefor it is better to keep the beard short and trim it once a week for maintenance.


The beard curls usually grow closer to the skin that is why you need not worry about germs growth. As it is easy to wash and remove germ.

The massiveness can be controlled via above methods, and you can also straight the curls.

Use Of Beard Straightener:

If you cannot straight your beard with these tips then you can use beard straightener for super frizzy and curly hairs.


The use of straightener includes the iron that may harm hair. If your hair is hard and frizzy, then you can straight them with small beard straightener.

Frequently Asks Questions

What Should I Avoid Preventing Brittleness In Beard Curls Under The Chin?

To avoid brittleness do not use hot blow-dryer and silicone cream for your beard.

Is Brushing The Beard Helpful For Growing A Curly Beard?

Yes combing or brushing the beard curls will help in its growth. Keep in mind it is a good way to straight the frizzy hair.

What Style Can I Get With Beard Curls?

You can straight your beard curls and can get a circle beard, Goatee, or royal beard style.

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