Top Auto Tune Apps for Android & iOS: Transform Your Sound with these Must-Have Music Tools

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Listening and singing music both have a positive impact on our nerves. Singing has become a trend today.

Everyone has a passion for singing and desires to be a singer. Few people are confident enough to show their talent, while most people can sing only in the bathroom or alone to fulfill their desire due to lack of confidence.

They hesitate to face the public. But thanks to tune apps, they have made it easy for people to show their inner talent without facing the crew.

The tuning apps help one develop and improve singing skills without affecting anyone’s ear.

We have listed the top 6 best tune apps for Android mobile that works smoothly on IOS & Android mobile and will help you with your dream of signing.

These apps provide you with a chance to get heights without any hesitation. They help boost the confidence level. These apps turn the untrained voice into a super-professional voice.

What Is An Auto-Tune App?

The auto-tune apps modulate the voice of singers and make them more enjoyable for the audience.

The apps are the best to tune the human vocal cord and present the sound in a manner able and pleasant way.

The auto-tune apps make voice attractive by correcting the pitch, presets, automatic tuning, and many other features.

These apps are helpful to go live and sing in front of a huge crowd. Now you can get these apps on your Android mobiles. Now you do not need to have expensive software.

You can download these apps for free from Google Play Store with an easy interface. Some are perfect, but some are better than demand.

So, to retrench you from the trouble of finding the best apps, we have collected the best ones in one place.

6 Best Auto Tune Apps For Android & iOS

  1. Voice Synth
  2. Voloco
  3. Autotuner voice recorder
  4. Tune Me
  5. StarMaker
  6. MicDroid

1. Voice Synth


Voice Synth is the best and most professional music synthesizer you can easily install on Android mobile from the google play store.

It tunes your voice into a unique one by creating new songs, sounds, choirs, rhythms, and soundscapes. It contains 250 presets & 24 voice polyphony.

It is a paid app, but it works best with many filters and different categories of voice effects, including weird, animals, evils, etc.

Moreover, it is also perfect to tune your voice pleasantly. It tunes up the song with a vast set of integrated tools such as auto pitch, harmonizing pitch shift, speed shift sampling, and vocoders. It is a perfect app for Android mobiles.

2. Voloco

best Auto Tune Apps for Android

Voloco is an auto-tune and harmony application that allows users to make some mediocre rappers and record the video in the same application. Its various modes permit users to make video clips and sing songs on their Android mobile.

Moreover, you can share these songs and videos on social media such as Facebook & Instagram by their unique sharing features.

It provides different sound effects, including choral singing, natural sound effect, hard tune, and super vocoder. It will help you to tune the voice in the direction you want to change.

3. Autotuner Voice Recorder


The auto-tuner voice recorder is the best auto-tune app that you can install on your Android mobile for a pro singing effect.

It is a voice module app with a microphone to tune the voice. In this app, you need to press the input type button to turn your voice into a fabulous song.

Then record your voice & set the keys and scales of the strain. You can get a natural effect with a click on formant.

It can change the pitch of the track by retuning the speed. It is a free app for recording music on Android and IOS mobiles.

4. Tune Me


Tune my app is a powerful auto-tuning & sound recording app for Android mobile that you can enjoy for free.

It accesses 500+ free beats for recording high-quality sound with pitch shift and auto shift effects. It has highly performed editing tools and recording features for tuning the voice of both professionals and newer.

Furthermore, it has fast processing in the background for adding effects, synchronizing the vocals with the beat, and lighting the loud sound.

You can record the song by setting the volume level and desired beats. Besides this, you can fix the sound after recording and prepare it for sharing within seconds.

5. StarMaker


StarMaker is also one of the best auto-tunes apps that entertain users with many opportunities to feel like the star. It allows the users to sing their favorite song for pleasure and record the high-quality voice with editor effects. You can meet new friends by singing and recording songs with this app.

YouTube video

You can share it with your friends and on social media also. It provides suggestions and recommendations for individual singing and also improves the tone. It is perfect to be a future star.

6. MicDroid

YouTube video

MicDroid is a high-quality auto-tune app that tunes the voice in the best way. It provides automatic pitch correction and improves the tone with advanced options.

You can record your voice and also can set it as a ringtone. It also allows the user to turn ads on & off by changing the settings.


It helps the singer touch the notes, and you can also share your tuneful voice recording on social media.

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